Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stop The Cell Towers Coming To Our Neighborhoods. Action Needed NOW in Prince George's County

Dear Prince George's County friends, 

There are two important things you need to know

1. The Bad News: Prince Georges County has a draft zoning amendment that will ALLOW Cell Towers and CELL Antennas on schools and  in front of homes in neighborhoods WITHOUT public process. It will allow cell towers and even shorter cell towers "by right". Read more here. 

2. The Good News: Delegate Alonzo Washington is supporting a fantastic Bill on School Cell Towers this session. This Bill will ensure that if a cell tower is proposed , the community and the parents at the school will be notified and that a public hearing will be held AT the SCHOOL, not far away in another town as they did  with Eleanor  Roosevelt HS and other PGCPS Schools. Read the Draft Bill here. 

Thank you Delegate Alonzo Washington! 


FIRST: Write an email to both to the PG planning so they hear your voice AND to the Greenbelt City Council so they  make comments on the issues of cell towers in our front yards and in front of schools. 
Please do this today. Details are below. 

SECOND: Show up at these meetings and Speak on the issue! 

1. The Prince Georges County Delegation Public Hearing: Come and give personal testimony! 
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 
LOCATION: Prince George's Community College - Largo Student Center, (301 Largo Rd, Largo, MD 20774)
TIME: 6:00 - 8:30pm

Please come and speak on this Bill on Cell tower transparency issues.  Tell our esteemed elected officials about the transparency issues that are plaguing the school cell tower process at Eleanor High School. They need to hear your story!  This is critical! 

2. Greenbelt City Council Work Session - It would be GREAT if you showed up. 
Monday, December 4, 2017 
LOCATION: Greenbelt Municipal Building
TIME: 8:00 PM 

The new proposed PG zoning goes against transparency and we must halt it by commenting on it! The county needs to hear from us about cell towers in front of homes and schools. We must let them know that communities want to be a part of the process. 

EMAIL Details 
(This email will go to the Greenbelt Council AS WELL as the County zoning staff so your comments go on record. Please add MORE of your personal thoughts and experience if you have the time but be sure you make the two points.  I'm merging two things to make it easier. ) 

Dear Greenbelt City Council, and Prince George's County Officials, 

Subject: Comments on PG Zoning Rewrite Draft and Support of PG 417-18 Bill on Transparency With PGCPS School Cell Towers

I am writing because I  do not want wireless cell tower facilities of any type in front of schools or near my home or residential areas without a transparent  process that includes public notification and public input. We, the people, need to be a part of the decision making process. 

1. I DO fully support the newly proposed BILL on Cell towers at PGCPS Schools:  Prince Georges County – Telecommunications Transmission Facility on Public School Grounds – Public Hearing and Notification PG 4171I support this legislation because it will ensure that we are notified of a proposed cell tower, that parents are informed and that we will have a public hearing in our community! 

2. I do NOT support the new Prince George's County Zoning Draft: Currently the Prince George's County zoning draft allows wireless cell towers "by right" in residential areas and we do not want this. It is unacceptable to eliminate public hearings and public notice if you are going to put a cell tower up! The zoning rewrite draft must be redone to include public notice and a public hearing if wireless towers or wireless antennas are proposed in a residential area or near a school. 

Please support the new Bill from the Prince Georges County Delegation that will allow transparency and public input into a proposed cell tower and stop the Zoning rewrite draft until it is fixed so that the community has a say! 

Send the email to the Greenbelt Council, School Board  and zoning.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;; ;;,,,,,