Friday, June 9, 2017

FOX News:After 2 Ripon Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds

RIPON -- In a colorful protest, about two dozen Weston Elementary school kids in Ripon skipped class on Wednesday and demanded that the Ripon Unified School District remove what they believe is a cancer causing agent.
“Take down that cell tower,” Kyle Prime, a cancer survivor, said.
"Having a cell phone tower on a school ground, it's... in 2011 it was classified as a known carcinogen so that tells me that it shouldn't be around our children,” Prime's mother, Kellie, told FOX40.
Kyle, 11, was diagnosed with cancer last year.
"I had a Wilms' tumor in my left kidney,” Kyle said.
Another parent, Monica Ferrulli said her 10-year-old son, Mason, was diagnosed six months later.
"I had brain cancer,” Mason said.
Both mothers said it was devastating to learn of their sons' diagnoses. They believe the radiation from the communications tower, which was installed in 2009 on the school’s campus, may be the reason their sons got sick.
"It's there. It's very, very close to the buildings. The kids are there, six, seven hours a day,” Prime said.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PGCPS States the PGCPS Milestone Communications Cell Tower Master Leasing Agreement Was Renewed

PGCPS was asked if the Milestone Communications Cell Tower Master Leasing Agreement was renewed and the response is  "Yes " Milestone  Communications sent PGCPS written notice of "the intent to renew. "
Why did we not get the answer that in fact, CEO Dr. Maxwell had signed a letter extending the lease? Why not share the full details?

Click here to read the Letter from PGCPS  in Response to Citizen Question Asking if The Cell Tower Leasing Agreement Was Renewed.. PGCPS responds that Milestone sent PGCPS Notice to Renew the Master Lease. 

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Milestone Communications Letter to PGCPS CEO Withdrawing From Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Accokeek Academy

Milestone Communications Withdraws From Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Accokeek Academy May 9, 2017 Lett... by Safe Tech For Schools on Scribd


  • Written by  Candace Rojo Keyes 
    GREENBELT – Milestone Communications has backed out of two contentious cell phone tower proposals on school sites in Prince George’s County after fierce opposition from residents.
While there was opposition, it was not just the voices of residents that forced the company to withdraw both applications, but guidelines, rules and regulations that ultimately will prevent Milestone from moving forward with the two proposed sites on Prince George’s County Public Schools’ (PGCPS) land.
“Milestone has withdrawn its application for Accokeek due to the school’s conversion to a K-8. PGCPS policies do not permit telecommunications facilities on elementary school sites,” said Raven Hill, a school system spokesperson.
In the case of the proposed tower at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, issues of transparency and due notice have arisen continuously throughout the process, noted Lupi Quinteros-Grady, the school board member who represents the area.
“The process followed by Milestone Communications has shown a lack of respect for community engagement and a complete dismissal of community concerns. The very location of one meeting showed a clear insensitivity to the community’s views,” Quinteros-Grady wrote in a letter to the chief executive officer (CEO) of PGCPS, encouraging him to reject the tower’s application.

PCCPS Sends Cell Tower Company "Authorization To Proceed" With Cell Tower Letters NOT Shared with School Board nor with the Public

Public information requests reveal that PGCPS sends   "Authorization To Proceed" letters confirming that Milestone Communications can move forward on towers without informing the School Board nor the public. Below we have a letter from PGCPS to a citizen where PGCPS explains the "process" by which these letters never are seen by the public.

Then we share that the letters of authorization that the county has written for the last several years. There is some very interesting information in these letters because as you will see they are very different depending on the school. For example in Greenbelt where it was clear opposition to cell towers the letter does not state that the school board member  "did not object" as other letters did.

Click here to download  PGCPS Letters Authorizing Cell Tower Company to Move Forward with Specific PGCPS Schools

Click here to download  June 6, 2017 Letter from PGCPS explains that "Authorization to Proceed" Letters" are not sent to school board members nor the public.

PGCPS Letters Authorizing Cell Tower Company to Move Forward with Specific PGCPS Schools "Authorization to... by Safe Tech For Schools on Scribd

Walker Mill Middle School On Way To A Cell Tower: PGCPS says "Yes"

Public information act request reveal a letter where Milestone Communications confirms with PGCPS to move forward with a cell tower at Walker Mill Middle school.

Read the letters authorizing cell towers here and the Walker Mill Middle School is at the very end.
Click here to read authorization letters from PGCPS to Milestone Communications