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Supreme Court Rally: October 17, 2017 The Public Has A Right To Know About the Health Risks of 5G and the Internet of Things

The National Coalition For Responsible Technology invites you to a rally…

In honor of EPA’s Children’s Health Month, the National Coalition For Responsible Technology (NCRT) is sponsoring a rally in front of the US Supreme Court entitled “The Public Has a Right To Know About the Health Risks of Wireless, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).”
Tuesday October 17, 2017
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
The US Supreme Court in Washington DC
First Street NE between East Capitol Street and Maryland Avenue
The Public Has a Right To Know
About the Health Risks of Wireless, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT)”

The rally was created to draw attention to the growing use of wireless devices by children and the rapid proliferation of small cell 5G wireless antennas being built in neighborhoods across the United States  In 2017, an international group of scientists called for a moratorium on 5G cell antennas stating, “We, the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.”
“The scientific evidence can no longer be denied.  Wireless radiation is an ubiquitous environmental pollution and the people have not been fully informed,”  stated Jennifer Wood of NCRT citing “decades of research” including the most recent 2016 release of scientific findings from the $25 million dollar radiofrequency radiation study of the U.S. NIH’s National Toxicology Program which found statistically significant increased DNA damage and cancers in animals exposed to cell phone wireless radiation. She pointed out that American Academy of Pediatrics and dozens of medical doctors have been warning about wireless risks for decades and in 2015, international scientists with expertise in bioelectromagnetics issued an Appeal to the United Nations calling for urgent action on wireless and electromagnetic fields.

Speakers will also address the Berkeley/CTIA lawsuit concerning the city's landmark Cell Phone Right to Know law. The implemented ordinance calls for the posting of critical information at the point of sale as to safer use of a cell phone; information currently hidden in the phones or manuals. The CTIA sued but Berkeley prevailed in district court and in the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals last year. The CTIA appealed for an en banc hearing months ago and last week the court refused that appeal. The only option left for industry is to take this to the Supreme Court. Ellen Marks, Director of the California Brain Tumor Association, who worked with Berkeley and Harvard's Lawrence Lessig, who defended Berkeley pro bono, stated,
"this is an important victory as this industry deception must be stopped and hopefully now this will be taken nationwide and raise awareness that cell phones, as currently used. do pose serious health risks, especially for children".
“In light of the scientific research providing evidence of a serious public health threat that will impact our children and grandchildren, we are calling for immediate action. We call for justice.  Our government must take immediate action to inform the public about cell phone and wireless radiation risks and protect the public with public policy that includes a moratorium on 5G antenna deployment until long term safety can be assured.”
The Coalition is focusing on these issues:
•The scientific research evidence that shows 5G technology poses a health risk.
•Small cell antennas in front of homes on rights of way
•Cell towers on school property
•Wireless technology in schools
•Global Wi-Fi beamed from space
•Outdated and inadequate FCC limits for cell towers, cell phones and wireless devices
•The lack of protective limits, especially in regards to children and pregnant woman
Speakers include:
Desiree Jaworski, Executive Director, Center for Safer Wireless
Kate Kheel, founder of and Director of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness
Ellen Marks, Director of the California Brain Tumor Association
Denise Ricciardi, Director of New Hampshire Coalition for Sustainable Safe Technology
Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust
James S. Turner, Esq, President of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy
Jennifer Wood, architect and science researcher
Children from Maryland schools will also be speaking as well as additional  representatives from grassroots organizations in Maryland and Washington DC.
The Coalition is calling on the federal government to take action to protect the public with protective electromagnetic policy which includes:
•A halt to 5G until long term safety is assured.
•A moratorium on cell towers and cell antennas near homes, hospitals, schools, and children's recreation areas.
•A replacement of outdated inadequate Federal Communications Commission radio frequency human exposure limits with proper safety standards which are developed by medical experts within a US health agency based on a systematic review of the science and best available research.
•Current cell phone and wireless device SAR testing methods (which are based on a large adult male and consider only thermal effects) must be replaced with an exposure metric that protects people from biological effects and considers the way that consumers use devices next to the body and represents all of the US population, including infants (that are now handed cell phones as toys).
•Exposure limits that assure children and pregnant women are adequately protected.  
•Safe radiation-free technology in schools and public institutions.
•Premarket testing and post market surveillance for short and long term reported health effects.
•Public information to be posted by the CDC, FDA, NIH and FCC on the manufacturer's fine print warnings, the research on biological effects and clear comprehensive measures by which the public can reduce exposure.  
•And more….
Biographies of Speakers
Ellen Marks is Director of the California Brain Tumor Association, a 501-c-3 nonprofit which focuses on prevention of primary brain tumors attributed to wireless radiation. She has worked on legislation calling for the placement of notices about safer use of mobile technologies at the point of sale from Hawaii to Maine. She currently Chairs the California Alliance for Safer Technology, a collaboration of 24 activists, lobbyists, physicians, public health researchers and elected government officials fighting legislation specifically intended to enable the wide scale placement, in residential neighborhoods, of high frequency 4G LTE and 5G antennas on utility poles, lamp posts and other municipal infrastructure, while eliminating any local involvement or influence in this process. Her husband, a real estate broker, is a survivor of a brain tumor from excessive cell phone use. Ellen does not advocate against technology but for honesty and integrity from the wireless industry about the established risks, for getting corporate money out of politics and for the use of safer, hard-wired internet access, including optical fiber to the home.
Camilla Rees, MBA, a long-time health educator, researcher and author on electromagnetic fields will speak on the subject of the biological and health effects of the non-stop proliferation of wireless technologies, including the unrecognized connection of wireless exposures with spiraling health care costs. She is founder of, Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications and Campaign for Radiation Free Schools; co-author with Magda Havas, PhD of “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”; and author of “The Wireless Elephant in the Room”.

James S. Turner, Esq., public interest lawyer, will speak about the federal and state level preemptions that are increasingly eroding local government—and citizens’—rights in America; about what can be done regarding the inadequate FCC wireless radiation safety guidelines now providing legal cover for wireless companies, and about the importance of growing grass roots activism. He is Partner of the law firm Swankin & Turner, Chairman of Citizens for Health, co-founder of Voice for HOPE (Healers of Planet Earth), and President of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy.
Theodora Scarato MSW is Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust. Theodora Scarato directs EHT programs and coordinates scientific programs in the US and internationally with EHTs Senior Science Advisors.  Scarato previously worked with EHT as Director of Educational Resources and Public Affairs, developing educational resources for communities and governments, and maintaining policy updates.  She has co-founded several organizations both locally and nationally that address environmental health and safety concerns. She is also a clinical Social Worker, formerly directed a special education therapy program in Montgomery County Schools, and has an extensive background working in mental health with children and adolescents.  Environmental Health Trust is the only nonprofit in the world today that both carries out high-level critical research on controllable environmental health hazards and works directly with local communities, teachers, parents and students as well as policy makers to understand and mitigate these hazards through research, education and advocacy.

Kate Kheel is Director of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness and founder of, a website focusing on the rarely covered “downsides” of 5g and the Internet of Things. After spearheading the effort to get an opt out from wireless smart meters in Maryland, she segued into raising awareness and opposing 5g and the Internet of Things. Kheel’s deep love for our Earth with all its many and diverse living beings, and her longing for a future that will be respectful and nourishing for all life, has been the driving force behind her work.

Desiree Jaworski is Executive Director of the Center for Safer Wireless, a national nonprofit whose mission is to enhance public understanding of wireless technology and products  She has researched, written and lectured on  the topic of wireless radiation extensively. She has advocated for protective public policy regarding wireless technology at the Federal, State and Local level.  Her expertise has been featured in several news reports regarding her work raising awareness on smart meters, wireless technology, and the recent findings of the National Toxicology Program.  She directs the Center’s public outreach programs, which include movie screenings at Arlington Hospital Center, scientific forums and presentations.  

Jennifer Wood, an architect and science researcher is the co-organizer of the NCRT protest which is to be followed by others.  In addition to being a registered architect and author, she has been an environmental health consultant and advocate for two decades and is the creator of The GROW Village design concept for future communities that will be protected from ubiquitous, wireless radiation.  They will especially address the needs of the rapidly growing population of those that suffer from environmental injuries, particularly those with Microwave Sickness.

Please note these rules:

You must stay on the sidewalk and may not walk past the sidewalk on the marble area in front of the stairs nor may you go up the Supreme Court Steps with signs.

Signs must be of  cardboard, poster-board, or cloth. Supports for signs must be of wood, with dull ends and may not exceed 1 inch. Hand-carried signs are allowed regardless of size. Signs that are not hand-carried are allowed only if they are no larger than 4 feet in length. No individual may have more than two non-hand-carried signs at any one time. Signs should not impede pedestrian traffic, access to and from the Supreme Court Plaza or Building. More info on regulations at

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No injuries as Rocky River High School Cell light tower catches fire

No injuries as Rocky River High School Cell light tower catches fire

"At 5:53 p.m., a single-engine company was dispatched regarding a fire on a light pole consisting of stadium lights and cell phone tower equipment,"

Rocky River
A heavy plume of gray smoke hovered over the Rocky River High School stadium around 6 p.m. Monday night as a light tower caught fire and burned.
Fire Chief Aaron Lenart said the cause for the fire, which was contained to the inside of the pole, is under investigation. “This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this,” he remarked.
There were no injuries, and a Rocky River Fire Department report stated a safety zone was established around the electrified pole, which started to lean back toward homes on Northview Road behind the stadium. Police evacuated the homes and Lakewood Fire assisted by securing a water source and standing by on Northview in case of a collapse.
Mike Ressler, an Illuminating Company supervisor, disconnected power to the pole, leaving cell tower equipment still electrified. Power was shut off at the high school, which was unoccupied at the time.
The cell equipment is leased by AT&T, which was contacted but unable to find a record of the tower in their system. Owner representative Stacy Hare said he would follow up.
All power was back in service by 7 p.m.
Read it at

Rocky River Fire Department extinguishes high school stadium tower fire

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Rocky River Fire Department responded to a light tower fire Monday evening at the high school stadium.
"At 5:53 p.m., a single-engine company was dispatched regarding a fire on a light pole consisting of stadium lights and cell phone tower equipment," Rocky River Fire Chief Aaron Lenart said. "The guys could see the smoke in the air when they left the station.
"On arrival, they had heavy smoke showing from multiple hole openings from the tower. It was on the backside of the stadium property near Northview Road. We threw a couple thousand gallons of water to cool the tower down. At this point, we don't have any idea what caused the fire."
Due to President's Day, Rocky River High School was not in session yesterday; however, the lacrosse team did hold its first practice of the year at the Detroit Road stadium. 
"The athletic director (Mark Wagner) met with coaches to show them how to turn on the lights," Rocky River City Schools Communications & Technology Executive Director Dianna R. Foley said.
"They turned on series of lights. After the lights were on, they realized there was a problem and they turned them off. Everybody was sent out of the stadium, and the fire department was called." 
The damaged tower, located roughly near the 50-yard line of the stadium, is warped and currently leaning slightly. Lenart said a Lakewood Fire Department engine was also called to the scene as a precautionary measure in case the tower should fall. There were no injuries.
Lenart added. "This is the first time I've ever dealt with anything like this in my career."

Cell Tower At McClintock Middle School: Workers Rescued: Children Sick: Could It Be The Cell Tower?

Could the Cell Tower Have Caused the Children To Be Sick? 
A recent cell tower incident sparked our interest in this school. In our search for information on the cell tower rescue done near McClintock Middle School, we found out a strange series of stories about  children who became sick after being outside. They had symptoms of headaches, fainting and passing out. This are all common symptoms from overexposure to microwave radiation from cell towers.

We ask that this be researched. Please see facts and news stories below.
The Cell Tower directly next to the school is registered as a Sprint/Crown Castle Cell Tower according to Antennae Search
  • Children were sick after being outside. 
  • The school says it was "heat related" which is odd as it was February.  
  • Could the antennae power been turned up higher on these days by accident? 
We do not know what caused these students to become ill but hope that this questions have been fully explored.

'CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  News: Workers Rescued From Cell Tower

Firefighters responded to a high-angle rescue involving two workers who were stuck on top of a cell tower in south Charlotte Thursday night.

The rescue happened just before 10 p.m. on the 1900 block of Rama Road (1925 Rama Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212 ) near McClintock Middle School. Officials said the people who were trapped were subcontractors working on the tower.

The subcontractors were doing maintenance on the tower when the incident occurred.

Police said one of the workers was reportedly unconscious because of a medical issue. The other worker then went up to help his coworker but couldn't bring him down.

Charlotte firefighters said the people being rescued were about 130 feet in the air, which caused a problem because it's higher than the truck's ladder can go.


See also

CELL TOWER RESCUE: There were scary moments for two workers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Firefighters had to rescue the pair from the top of a cell tower.

We pose a question. Earlier in the year students were mysteriously sick from "heat related illness" in February. Yes February. Could there be a connection? Could students be sick because of the microwave radiation from the antennas? When were the antennas turned on? 

"I went outside, and my head started hurting, and I felt like passing out," Javier said.

February 2017 News Stories

WSOCTV 12 students treated, 2 taken to hospital after falling ill at McClintock MS

Note: This is an example of a Title 1 School placed near high tension wires and a cell tower. Poor children go to schools disproportionately situated near cell towers.  

WSOCTV: Students fall ill at McClintock Middle School for second straight day

The students who felt ill Friday had just come in from outside, the county medical director said.

See images below of the school next to the cell tower. 

Who should we call?
Call the news of course.


Switchboard: 704-338-9999
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34665, Charlotte, NC  28234
Physical Address: 1901 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206

Call: 704-335-4738

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Elementary School Parent Blocked From PTO Meetings To Talk about Cell Tower Proposal on Childs Elementary School

Read the Letter Ann Arundel Assistant Superintendent wrote a Shady Side parent who was STOPPED from attending the PTO meeting to talk about a cell tower proposed on the school.
Read the two press releases put out by parents after the police were called on them two times for trying to inform other parents about the cell tower.

Note: The parent wrote Mr. Bibeault after she and others were barred from entering the PTO meeting at Shady Side Elementary School. Police were called on the parents. Below is the response from the school administrator in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
(Ms. M used to represent the parent)
From: "Bibeault, Raymond E" <>
Date: October 1, 2017 at 7:40:22 PM EDT
To: Parent
Cc: "Casey, Geoffrey R" <>
Subject: RE: Cell Tower at Shady Side Elementary School
Both the PTO and the school administration are not in positions to change the course of the proposed cell tower.  The BOE made a decision to allow the company to work with AACO officials in zoning, permits, etc. to weigh in on the construction.  This is where your concerns and those of others on either side can express their opinions.  The school must stay out of this as it is an agent of the BOE and represents the interest of the community; those who want the tower and those who do not.
The PTO meeting is not the avenue to express concerns, it is now with county officials.  Those wishing to come to a PTO meeting to discuss the cell tower from either side of the argument will not be given an audience for this. 
The willingness of community members to volunteer and support the school should not obligate Mr. Casey or the PTO to entertaining the continued distractions of the cell tower debate.  I appreciate the emotionality of this issue but I will continue to support the school’s decision to not enter into this discussion and to remove those from the school who choose to try to change the conversation at PTO or other meetings away from issue controlled by the school.
Thank you for your email and understanding.
Raymond E. Bibeault
Regional Assistant Superintendent
Meade/Southern Clusters

Read the press release put out by Shady Side Coalition of parents to  Halt the Elementary School Cell tower in regards to this issue.

Learn more about this issue by reading this blog.

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Hempfield School District Parents in Lancaster, PA are Battling an Elementary School Cell Tower

Parents in the Hempfield School District in Lancaster, PA are battling an impending cell tower on the playground/fitness trail at Rohrerstown Elementary School. As the community becomes more informed, the concerns are growing....

They are also hoping to shut down a cell tower at Landisville Middle School (situated on the same campus as two elementary schools and the Hempfield High School), and prevent any future cell towers on other school grounds.
They have a petition created by a local grandmother. Please share it! The petition can be found here:
The petition will be sent to Hempfield's Superintendent Dr. Christopher Adams, and Verizon's local Harrisburg, PA attorney, James Strong. Dr. Adams has stated in public meetings that he does not believe there are any potential health risks due to the cell towers. Help us enlighten him so that he understands the potential health risks!

Recent news stories from these cell tower sites include 
"Cellphone towers and schools are a dangerous mix" By DR. GENEVIEVE ABRAVANEL
"Hempfield faces scrutiny for approved cell tower site behind Rohrerstown Elementary School"
"Smith is one of 50 or so residents who have publicly expressed health and safety concerns over the approved site. Despite conflicting studies on the potential health hazards of cell towers and radio frequency radiation, the group says the mere possibility of their kids suffering from long-term health issues should be enough to halt the project."

The group also has a website:
On this site, there is a report written by Franklin and Marshall (F&M) College's Dr. Joshua Booth. Read it here.