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Cell Tower At McClintock Middle School: Workers Rescued: Children Sick: Could It Be The Cell Tower?

Could the Cell Tower Have Caused the Children To Be Sick? 
A recent cell tower incident sparked our interest in this school. In our search for information on the cell tower rescue done near McClintock Middle School, we found out a strange series of stories about  children who became sick after being outside. They had symptoms of headaches, fainting and passing out. This are all common symptoms from overexposure to microwave radiation from cell towers.

We ask that this be researched. Please see facts and news stories below.
The Cell Tower directly next to the school is registered as a Sprint/Crown Castle Cell Tower according to Antennae Search
  • Children were sick after being outside. 
  • The school says it was "heat related" which is odd as it was February.  
  • Could the antennae power been turned up higher on these days by accident? 
We do not know what caused these students to become ill but hope that this questions have been fully explored.

'CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  News: Workers Rescued From Cell Tower

Firefighters responded to a high-angle rescue involving two workers who were stuck on top of a cell tower in south Charlotte Thursday night.

The rescue happened just before 10 p.m. on the 1900 block of Rama Road (1925 Rama Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212 ) near McClintock Middle School. Officials said the people who were trapped were subcontractors working on the tower.

The subcontractors were doing maintenance on the tower when the incident occurred.

Police said one of the workers was reportedly unconscious because of a medical issue. The other worker then went up to help his coworker but couldn't bring him down.

Charlotte firefighters said the people being rescued were about 130 feet in the air, which caused a problem because it's higher than the truck's ladder can go.


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CELL TOWER RESCUE: There were scary moments for two workers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Firefighters had to rescue the pair from the top of a cell tower.

We pose a question. Earlier in the year students were mysteriously sick from "heat related illness" in February. Yes February. Could there be a connection? Could students be sick because of the microwave radiation from the antennas? When were the antennas turned on? 

"I went outside, and my head started hurting, and I felt like passing out," Javier said.

February 2017 News Stories

WSOCTV 12 students treated, 2 taken to hospital after falling ill at McClintock MS

Note: This is an example of a Title 1 School placed near high tension wires and a cell tower. Poor children go to schools disproportionately situated near cell towers.  

WSOCTV: Students fall ill at McClintock Middle School for second straight day

The students who felt ill Friday had just come in from outside, the county medical director said.

See images below of the school next to the cell tower. 

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