Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Support Bill PG 417-18: Transparency in Cell Towers At Prince George's County Schools

Your Voice is Important! 
The Right To Know About A Cell Tower At My Childs School Bill is moving forward. 

Support Delegate Alonzo Washington's new Prince George's County Bill PG 417-18  
If a cell tower company wants to put a cell tower on a Prince George's County School this Bill stipulates they must hold a public hearing at the school first.  This Bill ensures transparency in cell tower placement on our schools. 

All voices need to be heard on this bill so we can ensure transparency. 

1. Provide a letter of support for the legislation that we can provide to the Education Subcommittee hearing on Friday, January 19th.
The letter should be address to Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Chair of the Education Subcommittee,
The full name of the bill is PG 513-18 – Telecommunications Transmission Facility on Public School Grounds- Public Hearing Notification. Email a copy of your letter of support to by Wednesday, January 17th  so the office can  provide it to the Subcommittee.Send the letter to Alonzo.Washington@house.state.md.us Care of Marty McGowan
2. Email and call the offices of the members of the Education Subcommittee and urge them to vote to support this legislation. Let them know the community wants this Bill! 

The members of this Subcommittee are: Calling AND emailing would be best. 
·         Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith (Chair) – geraldine.valentino@house.state.md.us
·         Delegate Daryl Barnes (Vice Chair) – Darryl.Barnes@house.state.md.us
·         Delegate Tawanna Gaines – tawanna.gaines@house.state.md.us
·         Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk – joseline.pena.melnyk@house.state.md.us
·         Delegate Carlo Sanchez – carlo.sanchez@house.state.md.us
·         Delegate Carolyn JB Howard – carolyn.howard@house.state.md.us

Group Emails of the Education Subcommittee (so you can paste it into your browser) 
geraldine.valentino@house.state.md.us Darryl.Barnes@house.state.md.us,  tawanna.gaines@house.state.md.us, joseline.pena.melnyk@house.state.md.us, carlo.sanchez@house.state.md.us, carolyn.howard@house.state.md.us,

Please share this information with anyone else who you think would be interested in supporting this legislation.
Now is the time to show your support!
What this Bill is: Ensuring transparency when a cell tower is proposed on a Prince George's County School . This Bill ensures that the community and parents are given a voice and are made aware of the fact tha a cell tower is going to be placed on a child's school. 

What this Bill is NOT:  An opinion on cell towers on schools. 

PG 417-18  ensures the community is informed because if the meeting is at the school where the cell tower is proposed then parents will understand it is about the children's school. In the past cell towers were proposed but the "community meetings" were not held at the school where the tower was placed. Some meetings were not even held in the same town where the cell tower was proposed. 

Telecommunications Transmission Faculity on Public School Grounds - Public Hearing Notification
SponsorDelegate Washington
SynopsisFor the purpose of requiring a telecommunications company proposing to install a telecommunications transmission facility on public school grounds owned by the Prince George's County Board of Education to hold a certain public hearing before the school system's CEO executes a certain notice to proceed.
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Please send an email of support NOW. Our elected officials need to hear from YOU.