Thursday, May 11, 2017

PGCPS CEO Dr. Maxwell Writes Letter About Milestone Communications "less than desired standards of transparency" in School Cell Tower

Prince George's County CEO  Dr. Maxwell writes letter stating that:

"I concur with you that Milestone Communications has not met our desired standards of transparency, communication and community engagement. Your displeasure with their process, which we share with you, has been clearly communicated to Milestone Communications.
In response, we have been notified by Milestone Communications of its decision to withdraw their application for the proposed telecommunication facility (cell tower) at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.
I greatly appreciate your continued advocacy for our students, our schools, and your constituents." 

Dr. Maxwells May 9, 2017 letter was in response to a letter that Ms. Quinteros -Grady wrote (that you can read here) expressing her opposition to the ERHS tower. 

Please read the May 9 2017 letter below. 

Read the Letter from PGCPS School Board Member Lupi Grady that the was responding to below