Monday, April 24, 2017

BOE Lupi Grady Sends Letter to Public on proposed Greenbelt High School Cell Tower

School Board Member Lupi Grady sent this letter out over the PGCPS system. We assume to all the people who have written her on the Roosevelt cell tower.
Good evening,
I have received several inquiries about the role of the Board of Education in approving the contract of Milestone Communication and the community meeting scheduled April 25th. While the contract for Milestone Communication predates my time on the Board of Education, I believe it is essential that all are aware of the process and have opportunities to ask questions, lodge concerns or express support. The Board of Education does not vote on the selection of cell phone towers or their sites. The initial contract with Milestone Communication was approved in 2011 and runs until 2021.
I am aware there is a community meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, Milestone scheduled their community meeting at the same time as our monthly Board of Education meeting. I have requested of the Administration that a second meeting be scheduled to ensure my attendance and to make sure that more of the community has an opportunity for information gathering and input. As soon as I get a date and location I will share.
Additionally, I have asked for a clear and concise communication from Milestone to be made available about the process for site selection and what the proposal means for the impacted communities and school. 
I remain committed to ensuring the community is informed. As I get more information I will share. 
Thank you for your continued advocacy. 
Lupi Grady
Board Member, District 2

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